In the beginning...

My lifestyle has drastically changed in the last 7 months.

So what's the deal?

Well it starts when I was a kid. I was creating and dreaming ALL THE TIME.

I dreamed of being Amish, because they appeared to live peacefully and completely one with nature, although I could never get on board with the weird little hats… when my hair is pulled back, I look like the archetype of a middle-aged lunch lady.

I wanted to belong to a hippy commune, growing my own food and reading books in organic hand-woven hammocks...


with pygmy goats running around at my feet.

I often told people I would grow up to be a nun, because I envied the contemplative, serene environment that these monastic communities embodied and I didn’t think that this life was possible in mainstream western society.

Since then I’ve been a knowledge-seeker. Podcasts are my jam, and I’ve been an avid blog reader since 2007. I try to gather as much information as I possibly can and distill it for quirky (and occasionally obnoxious) soundbites to drop into conversation.

I lived my life trying to be a kind person. Life was great, but I always had a sense that something wasn’t quite right, and from time to time I reverted to my childhood daydreams.

I could never put my finger on it until I came across whole food plant-based veganism.

I had been complaining about how difficult it was to navigate the ridiculous world of food and diets, and my partner suggested I watch High Carb Hannah on the life-altering, for good and for bad video platform known as Youtube (cue eye-rolls and facepalms). She had simple, non-restrictive meal ideas and was super body positive. I was immediately on board, and decided to become a whole food plant-based vegan on the spot.

The reason for the lifestyle change was initially for health. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food* and thought this sounded so clear and easy. True to my research-y library-loving nature, I began to watch ALL the documentaries. I went tumbling down a wonderful, terrifying rabbit hole, and it completely changed my life.

The range of emotions was overwhelming. I felt everything from sorrow to joy, helplessness to feeling like I had more power than I realized. I was also overwhelmed with the notion that I was being a pretty terrible Jesus feminist**, and I had been destroying God's pretty little planet for decades. My body was also His creation, and I was destroying that too. I felt that if I was to continue claiming to be a social justice warrior and all around bad-ass, I better darn well fight for said justice, in all its intersectional glory. Caring for the environment weaves together my passions in the most bizarre ways... stick around for more of that in the future!

Since October 2017, I’ve learned a lot and adopted so much about mindful, slow, sustainable living. I still live in a small city, drive a car (don’t judge me… my city is hilly and my arms muscles cannot handle the sheer weight of all my mason jars and potatoes) and do all the things I enjoy, but now I have more money, more time, and more memories. I get a self-righteous satisfaction from being a non-conformist and bringing my own produce bags to the store (I am SUCH a rebel***). And above all, I’m learning to live in the moment, to consciously listen to the people right in front of me, and to chill the eff out.

This blog**** is my inconspicuous spot to rant, rave, encourage and empower. I want to document my successes and failures, and share the good life with anyone who needs a little boost. Plus, I make plenty of mistakes along the way, and who DOESN’T need a good laugh once in a while?

So join me on this crazy ride! Check out some tips and tricks, recipes, DIYs and rants (sign up to receive all kinds of goodies below!) I promise to keep things corny and make you groan at LEAST once per post.


Saving the world one straw at a time,




*Show me the woman who has this figured out and I will make it my life’s mission to find you a unicorn. I will braid it’s mane in a fishtail and will outfit it with a pink holo saddle as an added bonus.

**Remember that old phrase “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.” Well I finally found my way via Sarah Bessey’s book Jesus Feminist and I’m clinging to that identifier. Who wouldn’t want to be a non-judgy bringer of love and kindness? Sign me up!

***Guys, it’s sarcasm. I’m not a rebel. I wear black jeans, a plain t-shirt and a scarf everyday. I made a vow to myself that I will never EVER ride on a motorcycle. The edgiest thing about me is that I occasionally wear contact lenses instead of glasses.

****And my side-hustle which isn’t much of a hustle, more of a side-dawdle or a side-saunter. Cause of slow-living, and you know, not wanting to be a pushy dick. Although I can’t promise I will NEVER be a dick. It might happen, and I apologize in advance. Check out all my wonderful wares for your self-righteous eco-journey here.